Building on many years of research-driven advocacy, Fundación Huésped is coordinating a project grounded in social participation, striving to improve access to health services as part of a broader rights-based paradigm with a focus on gender minorities.

Topic(s) of focus

For many communities stigma and discriminations offers a barrier to access human rights, such as the right to health and the right to work. Fundación Huésped works at the intersection of these topics.

Population(s) of focus

Transgender (trans) people and sex workers in Argentina face unique barriers to accessing their rights, especially the right to health. Fundación Huésped will collaborate with organisations focused on trans and sex workers rights to help advocate for this access within Argentina’s health system.

Work so far

Fundación Huésped has consulted with academic and community partners. They have held a witness seminar and updated their Theory of Change model. They are also contributing to a global realist review on social participation for health.

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Lead Partner

Fundación Huésped

Academic Partner

University of Buenos Aires

Community Partner

Association of transvestites, transsexuals and transgenders of Argentina

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