Leaving no one behind

We are a consortium of actors from civil society, health, and academic organizations providing support for social participation and community action for health in and beyond the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Social Participation for Health

Communities and civil society are pivotal to ensuring that health policies and services respond to community needs, leaving no one behind. To reach this goal, there is a great need for a shared vision that defines and shapes civil society and communities’ roles in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals along with the ability to carry out those roles


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In the context of SDG Target 3.8 on Universal Health Coverage (UHC), global advocacy movements such as UHC2030 as well as institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) have demanded that people’s voices and actions influence how governments use domestic resources to deliver quality health services for all and hold them accountable. Communities and civil society actors must participate meaningfully in the drive toward better health outcomes; momentum around this is increasing, as are tools and processes.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Social Participation
for UHC